Why Choose Us?

We understand that the decision to try ketamine therapy can be difficult and takes a lot of consideration.  Dr. Harrison is a board certified anesthesiologist who has specialized in trauma.  She is therefore comfortable handling emergency situations.  She has designed her clinic with safety in mind and never takes it for granted that her clients are entrusting themselves in her hands.  She recognizes that your life and health don’t only affect you, but also the whole circle of people who love and support you.  By choosing Incredible Health for your ketamine therapy, we promise to provide you with

  • A warm and welcoming environment. Our infusion room has been designed to be comfortable and relaxing.
  • A supportive staff dedicated to helping you or your loved one get the care they deserve with as much knowledge and assistance as we can provide.
  • The respect and compassion that should be commonplace.
  • Continuous monitoring of blood pressure, oxygen level, heart rhythm, and heart rate during and after the infusion.  Safety equipment is available in the clinic if required.
  • An anesthesiologist or certified registered nurse anesthetist will be immediately available in the clinic during the appointment.
  • A clinic that has a variety of offerings to help you continue on your path to health such as hormone replacement, vitamin support, herbal supplements, and exercise plans.  Once a client starts to regain their life and energy, they typically want to “keep the ball rolling” for further progress.

We do everything within our power to make sure clients feel comfortable and cared for, instead of isolated and unsupported, while we pay close attention to the details of safety.

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