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Scottsdale Ketamine Infusion

Is Scottsdale Ketamine Infusion Right for You?

Scottsdale Ketamine Infusion
Dealing with depression can make every day challenging. From getting up in the morning to interacting with others, it can make everything seem like a struggle. For some individuals, a solution can be found in the form of Scottsdale Ketamine Infusion. But what makes a patient an ideal candidate for this type of therapy to deal with depression?

Treatment Resistance

The ideal patient is a person that has been resistant to other treatment options when it comes to dealing with depression. Some are on medication but don’t seem to be noticing a difference. Others are in a severe depression and need help right away. Because not everyone battling depression is an ideal candidate, it is important to talk with a professional to determine if this is the right option.

Medical Conditions

Individuals that have high blood pressure that is not well controlled are not the ideal person to undergo Scottsdale Ketamine Infusion. The same is true for patients that are struggling with heart failure. Should these conditions be treated, it is possible for a person to then participate in the ketamine infustion process. However, it is important to note that the treatment doesn’t interfere with most medications and it does not require that patients stop taking their current medication for depression.

Time Commitment

When it comes to severe depression, most people are eager to find a way to deal with it. Most people start with two sessions of ketamine infusion. From there, doctors can see how the person is reacting and determine how to proceed. Ideally, treatment consists of six sessions, each one lasting about an hour. The goal is to get in all six sessions within about two weeks. After that point, the continued therapy will be different for each person. Some notice that the effects will last for weeks or even months. Some will come in on a monthly basis in order to keep a steady handle on their depression.

In the past, patients dealing with severe depression haven’t had a lot of options when dealing with their condition. If medication or therapies weren’t working, it was easy to feel like there was no solution on the horizon. But today, patients have the opportunity to try ketamine infusions to see a real turnaround in both their lives and their overall outlook.

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Scottsdale Ketamine Treatment

Managing Depression Using the Innovative Scottsdale Ketamine Treatment

Ketamine is a drug that was originally designed to assist with getting and keeping a patient under anesthesia. It is still used in this manner, but research has determined that this medication is also valuable in helping to treat other conditions. For many in Scottsdale ketamine treatment should be considered. These other uses include acting as a pain reliever and to help with depression. When carefully monitored, Ketamine is effective at assisting people with certain types of depression that have been difficult to combat with other medications.

A Scottsdale Ketamine Treatment is done through an IV infusion and the patient is always under observation to avoid the risk of any adverse side effects. It requires multiple treatments to get the desired level of improvement. Not every patient is able to benefit from this type of medication, so after two treatments the patient is reviewed to determine if it should continue.

A Scottsdale Ketamine plan can be designed to meet whatever the patient needs. Some choose to use only this type of treatment and undergo occasional infusions as a maintenance plan. Other patients are better with an oral anti-depressant and Ketamine is used to boost the effectiveness of the medication until the patient is stable. At this point, the infusions no longer need to be administered.

Most patients find the infusion process to be relaxing and unique. Many people sleep during the process, but the medication will not make the patient unconscious. It can take up to 24-hours after the treatment has ended for the patient to notice any changes. Some people will respond faster, and a few are able to notice the difference immediately following the treatment.

Ketamine is not a risk-free, guaranteed or inexpensive treatment plan. It is something that needs to be carefully considered and should only be used when a trained, and experienced physician is in attendance. People using this method should still continue with other activities that have been proven to reduce depression. This includes counseling, exercise and maintaining a healthy eating plan, among many others. Anyone struggling to get control over their depression should learn more about this potential solution that has already been able to help many. Schedule an appointment to learn more.

Scottsdale Ketamine Treatment

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